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Yu-Gi-Oh Slash Novella Challenge
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9th-Jan-2007 06:53 am - Reminders
Avatar: Dream of You
Just a few reminders to everyone:

1) Voting ends on the 15th. Thank you to everyone who has voted so far -- but thank you more to people who left comments! They will be more helpful to the writers -- and to us as judges.

2) There will be no poll in this year's challenge, for the reasons above regarding comments.

3) This year's site is already up @ http://www.darkmagick.net/challenge/2007/ .

4) This year's challenge will start writing on 1 February.

5) This year's challenge has a special category. You can see more information on the webpage.

6) I will try to get images of the doujinshi that are available for winners (if they want them) before much longer. Sorry! It's part that I've been slacking and part that I've been busy with real life crap.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Let's hope this becomes a standing tradition.
2nd-Jan-2007 09:03 am - 2006 -- 2007
Avatar: Dream of You
The 2006 challenge is coming along nicely. We have 29 votes in on the poll... but no comments on any one of the stories. O.o

So my major lesson to myself for next year is, no poll. Maybe then the stories will receive comments.

Oh yes, and speaking of the next challenge... I'm going to start getting the site up in the next few days for this year's challenge. Plans (at least at this time) are that there will be three categories: 10k, 15k, and 25k. The catch on the 10k is that the main pairing has to be one of a short list (that Katsuko and I are still narrowing down, so that it will probably only be about 6 to choose from).

Also, something I meant to do for the 2006 challenge was state that it is the SLASH challenge. That doesn't just have to mean boy/boy. Yep, femme!slash is open for the 2007 challenge.

And I think that's about it: no comments, 2007 no poll, 2007 site, 2007 categories, 2007 femmeslash. Yep, everything that I can remember.
18th-Dec-2006 08:00 am - Stories
Avatar: Dream of You
All five stories submitted to the 2006 Slash challenge are now formatted and able to be read. They've all been listed on the entries page.

The poll is also now active.

Happy reading!
16th-Dec-2006 07:03 pm - 2006 - Stories
Avatar: Dream of You
Of the twenty potential entries, I received five stories. They're all formatted and ready to go live on Monday.

Since there are so few entries, I'm shortening the voting time, till 15 January. Results will be by 18 January.

Thank you to the five people who entered and good luck!!
16th-Dec-2006 12:18 am - Time's Up!
General // hair // cotton candy pink
The deadline for submissions has past; I know of only one person (dawnsshadow) who notified Li to request a deadline extension, and that is the only submission that will be accepted on the slash side as of this point (remember, the last post clearly stated midnight - 00:00 or 12:00 - Eastern Standard Time). On the gen/het side, that's the_sweet's call.

As of right now (counting the one submission that was granted an extension) we have five stories total for the slash side. Formatting has already been completed on three of these, one is the story that got an extension, and one arrived in Li's mailbox an hour ago. These should hopefully be up by Monday the 18th.

Again, much love for everyone who intended to enter, much love for those who got their stories completed, and information for next year's challenge will be coming soon!
15th-Dec-2006 05:28 pm - Time!
General // hair // cotton candy pink
All right, folks, we are on the final day! Remember, submissions must be sent to apollymi@gmail.com for the slash side and anzu.kaiba@gmail.com for the het/gen side by midnight EST. Thus far Li tells me that only two submissions on the slash side have been received. Remember to get them in ASAP so we can get everything formatted and live; if all goes well the stories will be up no later than Wednesday the 20th.

Good luck to all who have entered!
2nd-Dec-2006 06:56 pm - As promised....
General // hair // cotton candy pink
I have the banners for the slash side of the challenge ready! Edit: All banners completed. Four is all I'm making until the winners' banners are made up!

Now, mind you, I don't have every possible pairing covered with these babies, but I think I managed to hit on the most popular (so to speak). So, without further ado, they lie behind the cutCollapse )
1st-Dec-2006 10:26 am - Next to last reminder
Avatar: Dream of You
I'm assuming everyone got my email. If you didn't, then I wasn't able to find your email address in ygo.challenge@gmail.com's records.

We're winding down to a close. There are only 15 days left. I don't know about everyone else, but now we're coming down to the part I've really been looking forward to. The site has been set up for the stories since back in June, so once I receive them, all I have to do is get them formatted and uploaded. Then we can all read!

So how is everyone coming? I'm sitting at 95%. It's those last 1300 words that are killing me.

So far this challenge has been pretty interesting. The only changes I might make would have been to separate to the two challenges sooner, receive more donations, and hold the contest earlier in the year so it did not overlap with GWYaoi's novella challenge and NaNoWriMo. Would anyone be interested in held earlier in the year next year?

All entrants will be receiving a banner made by Katsuko. Winners and runners-up and judges favorite will all receive some sort of extra prize: either a gift certificate or a doujinshi. Thank you to desolate03 for the donation and to Katsuko for the judging help and Photoshop help.

Remember the entries are due no later than midnight EST on 15 December. I need them by the last second before it rolls over to December 16. They will be formatted and posted by 20 December. If you finish early, feel free to go ahead and send entries in to either Apollymi for shounen-ai/yaoi to apollymi@gmail.com or ygo.challenge@gmail.com or Azurite for gen/het to anzu.kaiba@gmail.com.

Best of luck to everyone on these last few days!
10th-Nov-2006 08:46 am - Reminder!
General // hair // cotton candy pink
Greetings, fellow writers! Just as a reminder, it is now November 10, meaning that there is now just a little over a month left to get your submissions completed! Remember, the December 15 deadline is the date your entry must be sent to apollymi for the yaoi/shounen-ai side and to the_sweet for the gen/het side.

That said, how's everyone coming along? I know that a couple of writers here are also participating in NaNo, so out of curiosity's sake I wonder how everyone's coming along on the novella ^_^ Here's my current count as of this morning:

Katsuko's Novella Word Count

Just to reiterate, the deadline for submissions to arrive is December 15 on all sides! Entries can arrive early and, honestly, if your submission is complete we encourage early arrivals! The official site for the yaoi/shounen-ai side will then be down for five days and be back up on December 20 with all submissions posted sans author names to encourage fair voting.

Happy writing!
9th-Oct-2006 12:09 am - LJ Layout change
Avatar: Dream of You
This isn't a very important announcment, but I've re-done the layout for the ygo_novella community here.

I haven't changed the banner yet, but that's on my list, after tagging entries (both here and on my personal journal ~.~ I must be a glutton for punishment).

So, how's everyone coming along?? Me, I'm at 64% now, but I've been slacking the last few days.

Best of luck to everyone!
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