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ygo_novella's Journal

Yu-Gi-Oh Slash Novella Challenge
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Welcome to the LJ community for the Yu-Gi-Oh Novella Challenge!

This year, 2007, is the second year for this challenge. Writing will run from 1 February through 1 August, followed by voting from 04 August through 24 August. Winners will be announced by 28 August at the latest.

There are three categories for the 2007 challenge: special category novellas with stipulations; "short" novellas of at least 15,000 words; and "long" novels of at least 25,000 words. A winner and a runner-up will be selected for each category, as well as an overall judges' pick. Actual prize amounts (in gift certificates and doujinshi) will be determined by the amount of donations received.

Please see the challenge page for more information.