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Yu-Gi-Oh Slash Novella Challenge
Voting is over 
16th-Jan-2007 07:55 am
Avatar: Dream of You
Okay, kitties, voting is now over. I'm not accepting any votes over the 47 we've currently received. To aramis-chan, ed, and Kyrie, thank you for leaving comments. Your well thought-out statements have been a huge boost to the judges.

Results will be posted Thursday. Please look forward to them.

Also, please remember that, next year, there will be no poll. I want the stories to have a fair chance, so only comments will count.

Also, don't forget: writing for the 2007 challenge starts on 1 February. The site for 2007 is already up, and there are a few small differences from the 06 challenge, so please, take a look.
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