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Yu-Gi-Oh Slash Novella Challenge
Challenge 2006 Final Tally 
18th-Jan-2007 09:58 am
General // hair // cotton candy pink
Thank you to everyone who submitted stories for the 2006 challenge, who voted in the poll, and who commented on the stories. Li and I have finished with the judging, taken the votes and comments into consideration, and are ready to announce the winners!

The winning stories are:
25k - The Past of the Present Future by Daimeryan Rei
15k - Chain by Dawn
15k Runnerup - Everything You Are by Tyger
Judges Pick - Everything You Are by Tyger

The stories written by the judges and thus excluded from judging are:
25k - Where Angels by Apollymi
15k - See You by Katsuko

Banners for the winners will be made up sometime over the weekend; ladies, please check out the page for the possible prizes for your category and contact one of the judges.
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